I Speak Fluently In The Language of F.E.A.R

I Speak Fluently In The Language of F.E.A.R

I don’t know if you can relate but this year is definitely one where you think it can’t get any worse… until it does. It’s hard to believe that 2020 is almost over and yet here I am drowning in an ocean of overwhelming changes. Not to mention, being reminded every single day of this current pandemic that continues to affect our world. Fear surrounds our lives. My question is, how should I react? Is there a proper way to respond to all of this? When can I catch a break? What is the purpose of all this? What can I do to stay sane?

As I emphasized in the last blog post, we as humans yearn to receive answers to all of our (very complicated) life questions and we demand the answers to come sooner than later. This year’s trials and struggles have definitely taught me many things and one of them is that I myself, speak the language of Fear so fluently. Yes, I do believe that there is a reason and purpose behind everything but, that doesn’t mean that I don’t initially become fearful or think negatively. I think this is something that we can all relate to as human beings. I mean, speaking the language of Fear is so easy to do. I remember reading this quote somewhere where it took the word ‘fear’ and made it into an acronym:

F alse
E vidence
A ppearing
R eal

When I take a step back and look at how I formulate my thoughts, I can surely say that they’re all made up; that they’re created by my anxieties; and, they become the worst-case scenarios. What I forget and try to remind myself more is that these thoughts are not real. This acronym has stuck with me ever since, especially during times when I feel like bad things are constantly happening in my life, one right after the other. I mean, none of us expected this virus to exist; none of us expected to wear masks everywhere; none of us expected job loss; none of us expected falling-outs in relationships; none of us expected the death of loved ones…

I believe that understanding the role that fear has in our lives is crucial. Understanding what fear means and how we are the creators of it, allows us to remember this acronym. This is when we turn fear into faith. When you’re able to catch yourself being fearful, you can remind yourself that this is one of the most important times to stay faithful & hopeful.

It took a lot of time to learn but I realized that the way I perceive my current situation all comes down to how I think about the future… without having F.E.A.R. It’s okay to have concerns and be realistic, yes, but there is more harm being done when we are fearful as we create endless scenarios of ‘what ifs’ and ‘what nows’. In fact, we waste more time worrying about things that never actually happen. 

As I personally continue to adapt to all of the changes in my life and overcome the trials of 2020, I know I have to give myself more grace, remind myself not to be so fearful, and, just give it all to God. I might still be afraid but, I believe that God is with me. I may not be in control but, I know who is. I also may not know my future, but I know who does. AsIsaiah 41:10 proclaims, I will not fear for He is with me. I will not be dismayed, for He is my God. He will strengthen me and help me. So, although I may be feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by the constant fears that surround me lately, I will not allow F.E.A.R to control my life!

My peice of advice? Guard your heart and your mind by focusing on what is TRUE and what is GOOD, even in the midst of uncertain times.

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