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The Story Behind Our Candles

After a long day, my self-care routine involved getting into comfy clothes, warming up a nice cup of tea, and lighting a calming scented candle. Even on the hardest days, the warmth of a flickering wick and the comfort in a candle’s aroma, allowed me to unwind and find myself in a safe place where I could finally relax and just, let go. I love candles so much that I decided to create some myself so that you too can be reminded that you are a priority, you are loved, and you are safe!

What makes our candles truly special is the fact that they are all carefully hand-poured and gently infused with pure essential oils, with the full attention to quality and the happiness of our customers! Choose from a variety of our 10 fragrances and feel assured that all our candles are paraben-free, phthalate-free, and contain no harsh chemicals or heavy metals. These are perfect for Holiday gifts, Birthdays, Valentines, Housewarmings, Wedding/Event Favours, or just a self-care treat for yourself.

So go ahead, enjoy the luxurious smell and aesthetics of your new candle!

Candle Details & Ingredients

🌱 100% Natural Soy Wax
🌎 Natural & Ethically Sourced Ingredients
👃 Paraben-free & Phthalate-Free Fragrance Oils 
🍃 Pure Natural White Cotton Wicks 
🇨🇦 Made with LOVE & Hand-poured in Guelph, ON


10 Original Candle Fragrances

1. Vanilla Bomb (white)
2. Relaxing Lavender (light purple)
3. Sweet Pea Rose (baby pink)
4. Peach Bellini (peach)
5. Citrus Lime (light green)
6. Warm Ocean Breeze (baby blue)
7. Cinnamon Bun (taupe)
8. Orange Creamsicle (light orange)
9. Peaceful Peppermint (aqua)
10. Luxurious Lemongrass (soft yellow)


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"These candles are absolutely beautiful!..."

they feel and smell so luxurious too! If you are thinking about purchasing from this business, definitely do so. They put a lot of love into their products and packaging as well. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you! - Anabella A.

"Great quality for a great price..."

quick shipping and the shop owner is super friendly. ☺️ Will definitely order again! - Susana

"This shop is amazing!..."

I wrote that this was a birthday present and included a birthday card for my friend in it since I was directly shipping it to her. I would highly recommend for a gift or yourself! - Emilie

"Such a lovely candle!..."

The smell of essential oil is amazing. The intent was to use the candles as decor, but the fact that they emit such lovely smells even when they aren't burning is a bigger bonus! Highly recommend it! - Michelle T.