About Us

Hey Beauties!

We are about seeking all the BEAUTY in life, even IN THE midst of all the CHAOS! Our vision is to spark joy & gratitude through carefully handmade products because we believe that it’s the little things in life that can bring us joy too! From hand-poured (non-traditional) soy candles, to coasters, pressed flower art, and more, we want to inspire you to find a little joy in your EVERYDAY LIFE! ✨


My name is Mae, the proud founder and owner of Beauty in the Chaos. We started in May 2020, during the beginning of the pandemic, but that was not the main reason why it all started. As you may have read in my story, Beauty in the Chaos started out of a time of sickness and healing. I started making candles in spite of being a candle lover and always having one lit, whether I was having a bath, reading a book, relaxing in bed, meditating, or just to simply have one in the house for its yummy aromas. So, I started why. not try to make my own candles! Additionally, I was on sick leave at the time as I was working for a local charity and I wanted to still help where I could so I had the "crazy idea" of making and selling my own candles and donating a portion of each candle towards the charity. 

Long story short, never would I have ever thought that I would have my own small business, especially coming from a time of sickness & healing. But, this is surely, yet again, another example of how God works in mysterious and beautiful ways. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, He is always working in the background. There is always a PURPOSE to your struggle and pain, you just need to trust in the process.

So friend, my candles started off as 'selling' them to friends and family and raising funds for charity, to selling them online, and then creating an ETSY shop, then somehow selling them at markets, and the adventure continues! I am SO excited for what God has in store for Beauty in the Chaos and I am incredibly excited to continue to meet such amazing people along this beautiful journey. I'm really not sure how I got here but I definitely know that I wouldn't be here without YOU. So, Thank You!

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