My Story

Have you ever found yourself breathless, trying to take in what’s in front of you, and realizing how truly and utterly beautiful life really is? From the lowest of valleys, to the tops of the tallest mountains – and everything in between – we can always find the blessings and beauty in each circumstance. We just need to be intentional about it. I mean, aren’t we lucky enough to be born into a world where there is a purpose for our existence? In fact, everyone has a destiny and purpose to fulfill. Every single one of us. The question now is, what makes one successful? Can it be measured by profession and wealth? Is it when you’re being followed by paparazzi? Or, is it when you can be content and at peace with yourself, even when life puts you on a (unexpected) detour?

One thing I do know is, you cannot be successful without purpose. And how do we know when we are fulfilling our purpose? Well, it is when our passions turn into uncontrolled happiness and it becomes SO contagious that it starts to influence those around us.

My name is Mae and I’m a 20 something Filipina-Canadian Gal who wants to share her personal experiences, struggles, and lessons learned with hopes of inspiring and relating with others. I am a proud follower of Christ and my faith has kept me rooted even in the worst of storms. Although I’m not sure what your story is; your religion; or your background, I do know that we can all agree that there are plenty of blessings in our lives. We can also agree that as a child, life was a little more simple. But then I thought to myself, what would make life fun and challenging if there was no room to make some mistakes? As humans, we cannot grow, develop, or mature without experiencing the uncomfortableness that life has to offer. It goes to say that becoming an adult comes with lots of responsibilities – and heck, it sure does – but it also comes with many new experiences that teach us very important, life-changing lessons.

These lessons are what prepare and equip us for what’s coming next! In fact, more often than not, we are thrown onto a detour that leaves us feeling lost and dysfunctional…BUT, this where I have found myself seeking the beauty in life, even in the midst of all the chaos and I encourage you to do the same!

- Mae. xo.

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